Land occupies a central and important part in human life.

Article 61 of the Constitution states that:

(1)All land in Kenya belongs to the people of Kenya collectively as a nation, as communities and as individuals;

(2)Land in Kenya is classified as public, community or private.

With the enactment of the New Land Laws, we have found it necessary to put together these Acts in one book for ease of reference and to make the public aware of these New Laws.

The book contains the three New Land Acts enacted in 2012 with reference being made to the relevant Articles in The Constitution of Kenya, 2010 mentioned in each of the Acts.

The Acts are:-

  • The Land Act No.6 of 2012

  • The Land Registration Act No.3 of 2012

  • The National Land Commission Act No.5 of 2012


(1)THE LAND ACT NO.6 OF 2012

The land act has revised, consolidated and rationalized previous land laws so as to provide for the sustainable administration and management of land and land-based resources and other connected purposes.

With the enactment of the Land Act, all the substantive land laws have been brought under one Act.

The Act has now repealed the following Acts:-

-The Way-Leaves Act, (cap 292)

-The Land Acquisition Act, (cap 295)

The Land Act shall be applicable to all category of land as provided for undersection 3 of the Act, these being:-

-Public land

-Private land

-Community land