Cyka Limited have over a decade been conducting annual salary surveys to guide employers on salary trends in their sectors.  In the last quarter of 2019 we carried out a survey of salaries and allowances offered by various organizations in the Private Sector and Non-Government Organizations. Given the sensitive nature of the information, names of participating organizations in each sector have been withheld as information provided is strictly confidential.


We believe that the survey data will continue to be a relevant source of vital information / data that will assist the management to plan their resources better.





The objective of the survey was to establish the prevailing salary market rates for various positions in various economic sectors with the aim of availing to the management information / data which they can rely on when reviewing salaries and benefits for their employees.




We surveyed various positions in Management and Non-management cadres that range from Chief Executive to the Messenger.    




The organizations surveyed and covered have been categorized into the following sectors.

Ø  Manufacturing & Services Sector: Manufacturing firms and processing / conversion concerns.


Ø  NGO’s Sector: Local and international non-governmental organizations.


Ø  Trading Sector:  Firms in the general trade of buying and selling.


Ø  I.C.T. Sector: Firms offering information services.


Ø  Insurance Sector: Firms offering Insurance and Re-insurance services.


Ø  Legal firms: Firms offering legal services.


Ø  Hospitals & Health services: Hospitals and health service providers.


Ø    Clearing & Forwarding: Firms offering clearing & forwarding and related transport services.


Ø    Horticulture: Firms in agricultural sector mainly horticulture (flowers / fresh produce). 

Ø        Hotels sector:  Hotels and entertainment centres.

Ø        Minimum Consolidated Wages

Ø        Civil Servants Salaries

Ø        State Officers Remuneration and Benefits 

Ø        Teachers salaries