We are a firm of Consultants specialized in diverse fields. Over the years, we have been conducting research and collecting information /data that meet special needs of our growing list of clients. From the data/information collected during our extensive research, we have been able to compile and publish the following books which are available on sale at our offices.

1. Kenya Salary Guide 2014 Edition

The guide is published annually and it covers salaries for management and non-management staff in the private sector and NGOs. The guide assists employers when recruiting /reviewing salaries for new and existing staff.  Read More on The Kenya Salary Guide 2014

2. Highlights of the Five New Labour Laws

This is a simplified book which is intended to assist employers understand easily the five new labour laws. Read More on The New Labour Laws

3. An Overview of Kenya’s New Constitution

This is a simplified/condensed version of the New Constitution which is intended to give the reader and insight into what is provided for in the New Constitution. Read More on An Overview of Kenya’s New Constitution

4. Highlights of the New Employment Act, 2007 and The Industrial Court Act, 2011.

The book contains information which is important to the employer and the public in general on matters pertaining to Employment and Industrial Relations, with reference to Articles in the New Constitution impacting on Employment relations. Read More New Employment Act, 2007 and The Industrial Court Act, 2011.

5. Focus on Nairobi County By-Laws.

The book contains 18 By-laws currently in force. It is designed to create awareness within the business community and also the public in general. A section of the current business license fees & charges are also included. Read More on Nairobi County By-Laws

6. The New Land Laws Hand Book.

This book contains the three new land acts enacted in 2012 namely;

- The Land Act No. 6 of 2012

- The Land Registration Act No. 3 of 2012

- The National Land Commission Act No. 5 of 2012. Read More on The New Land Laws

7. Landlords and Tenants Guide

We have compiled a guide governing landlords and tenants relationship.

The book covers the following acts:-

(1) The Rent Restrictions Act, Cap 296.

(2) The Landlords and Tenants (Shops, Hotels and Catering Establishments) Act, Cap 301.

(3) The Distress for the Rent Act, Cap 293         

The Book also contains various rules and regulations as published by the relevant Ministries and should be read alongside the above acts namely, Cap 296 and 301. Read More on Landlords and Tenants Guide